Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2008

Bernd: Some reviews and a video

I have been saying some things about the reviewing process of our game in the past.

Even though it would be great if a reviewer would have to play through all campaigns of a game (and that would mean not just the Terran story in our case) before casting a judgment, this IS too much to ask. With our game this would definitely be a job that exceeds the time an average reviewer can spend on a game. Wouldn`t it be nice then if magazines could openly point out which percentage of the plot and possibly even which percentage of other sandbox features of the game, they really saw?

Anyway, here are two of the more recent reviews. They had the game for a longer time and HEY: They are coming to a nice conclusion, so I obviously have to like em too ;-)

This one is from IGN and THAT one from Gamesradar is even better.

Oh and I just found this little video on the internet where I was interviewed at GC in August (remember the pictures of the X Girl).

And yes it`s Lehahn with an "n" at the end ;-)

Cheers and have fun playing X3:Terran Conflict.



Vitez hat gesagt…

Awsome! I truly hope you guys will make X-online! It will be the only MMO I'll play and pay for it (I only do freeMMO-s, legal ones)!

bar10dr hat gesagt…

Here is an actual user review I found using google. You guys are shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to actually getting people into the game, its like you need to have a former player sitting next to you in order to be able to play it. Here's an idea, get a casual player that's never played the game before, mount a camera behind him and watch what he does from he starts the game, my guess is after one hour he'll be so frustrated he just wants to leave.