Donnerstag, 28. August 2008

THINK video now released.

These are the four keywords which stand for the freedom to do what you want inside the X Universe. So there will also be four trailer videos talking about the game features, one for each topic.

BUILD was already released a few weeks ago, and today we added THINK.

Here are the (low quality) Youtube versions, but to seriously watch them, please download the high quality XVID versions from under DOWNLOADS (also available are German localised versions!).

Think Trailer: English version

Build Trailer: English version


Anonym hat gesagt…

Can't find the high quality version in the downloads section... :-(

Delusion hat gesagt…

me too :/
pls upp it fast, cant wait anymore to see in high quality ^^

BurnIt! hat gesagt…

they'll be available shortly, don't worry. We had to prioritize some work on the game over the videos there ;)