Samstag, 30. August 2008

Simon: Scripts, Outposts and more

Hello guys,

I’m Simon Schütz, and I’m also part of the X3TC developer team. In the egosoft forum and the DevChat, you might know me under the nickname SymTec ltd.. Regular visitors to the Egosoft Scripts and Modding forum will know me as a heart and soul scripter, always keen on extending the game’s possibilities with the powers of the game-internal script editor – and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since I started working on X3: Terran Conflict.

With all the new ship types, some of them with very special functionality, we needed scripts telling them what to do. If you command your missile frigate to fire a deadly array of missiles on your target, it will now use every single missile tube to bring death and destruction over your enemy, and at the same time show you the most beautiful fireworks in the known universe. In X3: Terran Conflict, missiles are more important than ever before – but to fire them, you first need to buy or produce them. To simplify the process, we created new resupply options and trade commands. You can now have every single one of your missile forges deliver their products to your personal equipment dock automatically, and use that dock to supply your whole fleet with cheap missiles. Or you just take a ship, install the new Resupply Command Software, and let the AI work out the rest. It’s all your choice.

However, new ship commands were not the only thing I took a close look at: I also made sure that the Flight Wings are not just a group of ships flying around together and doing the same thing, but work together as a unit that roams the universe to take out enemies. Be aware that members of the other races are profiting from new commands just as much as you do: The Military Outposts, big security installations with their own sector defence fleets, have full control over security in their systems. See their fighters patrol the area, respond to enemy threats over several sectors and punish illegal activity more than you would probably like. See the freighters build up and maintain their own supply chains, visible to you in one place, invisible in others. And watch the Terran economy closely if you can – they do some things different from what you’d expect… even after hours and hours of playing X3: Terran Conflict, you can still find something new, and that’s what makes the X-series so unique.



Kristjan hat gesagt…

Sounds great to me – Im gonna be the first one ordering the game :D

Will you even provide more wares and if yes, will you provide vegetables und fruits beneath meat and fish (important for those veggies outthere)?
Also interessting to me: will some races need those wares? ...I mean, will it be possible to need food in a ship, so the crew has something to eat?

Will it also be possible to have passengers as a ware (not only in travel missons)?

Will there be space thunders and magnetic storms and some space physics stuff to have more challenging flying around?

I would love when X3TC is a game not only about shooting around or doing military stuff – a real space simulation!

Carpe diem!

Thanks a lot for reading

Kristjan hat gesagt…

Well, im sure you are doing a great job – can't wait till 10th October.